Pars Nuran Shargh Foundation

The first spark of the establishment of Pars Noran Sharq Company was struck in 2004 to become its strong pole despite the long history of the lighting industry in Iran. One of the main goals of this organization is to supply high-quality products (according to global standards) in order to create a domestic brand.

Pars Noran Sharq Company believes that progress in national sales and production and the acceptance of customers will not be achieved unless by improving the quality, variety of products and appropriate prices.

Moving in the direction of national production, creating employment and earning currency is possible only in the shadow of professional activity and paying attention to modern academic knowledge in the field of industry and trade

Iran's most famous chandelier industry has placed its main focus on customer satisfaction and full compliance with professional standards in the production and supply of lighting industries. As a decisive pole in the lighting of the country, this company intends to achieve higher heights by relying on the knowledge, experience, honesty, creativity and innovation of its capable personnel and by relying on the trust, good choice of customers and by establishing a representative office throughout the Middle East region. conquer in this field.

We have kept the glory of victory and pride of our ancient land brighter than before by using the knowledge and technology of the world.